Leave The Kitchen And Go Out!

While I love to cook, sometimes I just don't have the time (or the desire) - but I love to sit down around the table with family and friends and share a meal. So when cooking is not looking possible, it's time to head out and find a good place to eat.

Recently, I went out with my Dad for some lunch at Barney's in Everett. They serve amazing pastrami sandwiches and little else. There is no ambiance - Fox News, plastic tablecloths, cobwebs, pictures of celebs that have never been there - but the pastrami is incredible. I would recommend the food - but get it to go! Anyway, it was a nice Dad and daughter outing and we are the only ones in the family that would appreciate it.

Another outing was to Kafe Neo for some Greek food with Lydia and Mom 0 a girls night out. This place is the complete opposite of Barney's and is delicious. The lamb melts in your mouth, souvlaki is grilled to perfection, the pitas are yummy and the beer goes well with everything. The other thing that is really nice (and seems to be the trend) are small desserts. They have a full menu of them from classic baklava to a chocolate cake to an almond cookie. Plus it is very affordable.

So the next time you want a good meal with your friends and family and some time to enjoy it, head out to your favorite place!