To Market, To Market

[All Photos - The Grower's Daughter]
Last night, just as the heat seemed to be lifting, and the night began to cool off, my parents popped in to take us down to the market in town. Because it's a smaller market, it's held on Thursday nights in town square. I don't mind, because it means I can attend a larger one in the city on Saturday mornings.
I was excited that our flower stand had a small pail of peonies for sale for the first time this season, so I took a couple bunches home with me, along with a pint of the season's first strawberries. Fresh picked local strawberries, all sun-ripened and sweet are one of my favourite things!
Here are a few other lovely stands that I like to frequent.
Cheesy Guys - They carry an assortment of the best local cheeses, including local cheese curds that are so fresh they still squeak! They've quickly become one of my favorite treats.
Howell's Family Farm Fudge. Yum. So far I've just sampled their delicious fudge because I don't dare bring any home for fear of it not even making it to the door.
The Herb Lady. She always carries an assortment of local, organic herbs.
And, this ladies man - The Chocolate Expressions booth. His accent is as thick as his caramel and I think he truly believes that chocolate is the way to any woman's heart. Though who could blame him, I mean even I get a little giddy when he's handing me a pretzel dipped in caramel, coated in nuts and drizzled with chocolate. Seriously.
A lovely assortment of peonies in various shades of pink from the Flower Man. Gorgeous.
I'm off to clean my house, and get things ready for a trip to an Auction a few hours away tomorrow. It'll be a super early morning, but I'm expecting to come home with a truck full of treasures!
Happy Friday girls and have a lovely weekend!